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Try - A - Pair Earrings

Try - A - Pair Earrings

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Y'all have we got something special for you! We really think you're going to love wearing clay earrings and to prove that we are offering you a pair for $10!

Clay earrings have been trending for over two years! WHY? Because they are lightweight, stylish, and full of expression. 

Here is why our customers L O V E our clay earrings: 

"They're lightweight and are made with better materials than cheap earrings" 

"I love how organic and unique they are!"

"I love the ability to have statement size earrings that are still super light" 

"I love the artistry and creativity while still being lightweight" 

"I love how light they are" 

Clearly you can tell the favorite feature from our customers. When I (Owner and Artist - Kat) set out to make them I wanted something that compared to my love of wearing lightweight leather earrings. I was shocked to find that all of my clay earrings are match for match and in some cases lighter than my leather pairs. Really want you to take the plunge and give these a try!

There are three shapes available in three different styles. 

Solid Black 

Neutral Animal 

Warm Marbled 

on the following shapes: 

Arch, Lunar, or Fan

Fans and arches have a nickel free gold stud post and lunars have a nickel free gold shepherds hook topper. 

Care Instructions

Please note that while Polymer Clay is very sturdy and durable these items are still handmade pieces of art and should be cared for as such.

If you get them dirty at all just rinse wish warm water and gentle soap. If you have an extreme smudge or stain please reach out for further assistance.

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