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Dagger Hair Barrette - Arctic Marble

Dagger Hair Barrette - Arctic Marble

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Every piece from this collection is made from Scrap Clay! Multiple colors have been hand mixed to achieve this color. 

Sitting on a dagger barrette is a marbled clay dagger shape, mixed from Navy, white, blue and green with silver flecking. These are RAW clay - no resin. If you would like a layer of resin added please shoot a message to us on IG - we can make that happen! 

This listing is for ONE barrette. 


Please Note: Marble pieces are each unique!

Care Instructions

Please note that while Polymer Clay is very sturdy and durable these items are still handmade pieces of art and should be cared for as such.

If you get them dirty at all just rinse wish warm water and gentle soap. If you have an extreme smudge or stain please reach out for further assistance.

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