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Mother - Maiden - Crone

Mother - Maiden - Crone

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The Mother, Maiden, Crone Dangles

Meet my favorite Goddesses - The Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
Typically we see them represented by a triple moon, but I felt more compelled to show them how they feel to me and my life.
The Maiden, seen here as the crescent moon, represents my youth, my inner child, my naivety. I have placed her on a full moon shape…
The Mother. The bringer of life, the keeper of patience. For me the phase of The Mother has been my greatest challenge and sweetest adventure. I have nestled The Maiden within her because I have been on a healing path from my childhood.
Represented by the Smokey Quartz is The Crone. A phase I used to fear but now I hold dear to my heart. A journey I look forward to with hope. Smokey Quartz is an anchoring stone and I hope by that point in my journey I am anchored, I am wise, I am grounded.

Care Instructions

Please note that while Polymer Clay is very sturdy and durable these items are still handmade pieces of art and should be cared for as such.

If you get them dirty at all just rinse wish warm water and gentle soap. If you have an extreme smudge or stain please reach out for further assistance.

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