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Wholesale Order for Sweet Elaine Boutique

Wholesale Order for Sweet Elaine Boutique

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Vibe: Bright Summer Boho, gold, wood and tassel elements. 

Estimated Ship Date: June 1

Included in shipment: Board, signage, woven bags, and free shipping

6 statement studs $16= $96
8 simple statement (assortment) $28=$224
4 small statement $32= $128
8 large statement $38= $304
26 earrings Total BEFORE Discount: $752

Discount: 40%: $300.80


Total AFTER discount: $451.20

Exclusivity: $50


Final Total:  $501.20

Care Instructions

Please note that while Polymer Clay is very sturdy and durable these items are still handmade pieces of art and should be cared for as such.

If you get them dirty at all just rinse wish warm water and gentle soap. If you have an extreme smudge or stain please reach out for further assistance.

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